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Catalogue of Life (CoL) recognised as a Global Core Biodata Resource

A World Flora Online (WFO) Consortium member, Catalogue of Life (CoL), has become one of only 52 recognised critical biodata resources by The Global Biodata Coalition.

The Global Biodata Coalition is devoted to identifying indispensable biodata resources and to engaging with funding agencies worldwide to develop coordinated funding models to ensure the continued existence of these key data sets.

For more see CoL’s news story here: https://​bit​.ly/​3​G​F1p9T.

And the announcement on the Global Biodata Coalition here: bit​.ly/​3​R​ehN6h.

The WFO and CoL work closely together and are continuing to further integrate data. The WFO submit our 6‑month checklists to CoL’s Checklistbank to make highly curated, robust plant taxonomic data available for the CoL Annual Checklist.