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Institute of Botany, Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Botany SAS plays a key role in research of the biota from the viewpoint of evolutionary systematics, phylogeography, phytosociology, ecology, population genetics, chorology and physiology in Slovakia. Our research objects are mainly naturally growing cryptogams (cyanobacteria, algae and fungi), and vascular plants and their communities, including invasive, non-native and culture species. The Institute also carries out zoological research, mostly invertebrates and fish. The research area covers the Carpathians and adjacent Pannonia as well as the distribution ranges of model groups (e.g. the Alps, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, America and Asia).

Situated in the Western and Eastern Carpathians as well as in Pannonia, the territory of Slovakia is among the richest areas in terms of biodiversity within Europe; ca 32% of all the plant species reported from our continent grow here. It is a crossroads of biogeographic regions and migration routes of living organisms, and one of the northernmost endemism centres in Europe. Our role is to survey this unique natural heritage, to promote it and to contribute to its conservation for future generations.

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Located in: Bratislava, Slovakia

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