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International Association for Plant Taxonomy

IAPT is a non-profit organisation founded in 1950 to promote, support and facilitate taxonomic, systematic and nomenclatural research into algae, fungi and plants.​It currently has nearly 1000 members, in many countries around the world.

The Association is managed by a Council of officers elected by its members. Councillors serve a six-year term, as set out in the IAPT Constitution. The IAPT Council is supported by a secretariat, with offices in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Washington DC (USA).

IAPT works with other organisations to promote biological sciences internationally, and is a member of the International Union of Biological Societies (IUBS), a non-profit, non-governmental peak body founded in 1919.

IAPT also works closely with national organisations throughout the world that have similar goals.

Find out more here https://​www​.iapt​glob​al​.org/

Visit International Association for Plant Taxonomy’s website.

Located in: Bratislava (Slovakia) and Washington DC (USA).

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