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Families with Taxonomic Expert Networks


Ten Family or Group Status Last Update Or version
Achatocarpaceae Curated Dec-23
Agdestidaceae Curated Dec-23
Aizoaceae Curated Dec-23
Amaranthaceae Pending
Anacampserotaceae Curated Dec-23
Ancistrocladaceae Curated Dec-23
Annonaceae Curated Jun-23
Aphanopetalaceae Pending
Apocynaceae Continuous Curation Dec-23
Aquifoliaceae Pending
Arecaceae Curated Jun-23
Asphodelaceae Tribe Aloeae Continuous Curation Dec-23
Asteraceae Curated Dec-23
Asteropeiaceae Curated Dec-23
Barbeuiaceae Curated Dec-23
Basellaceae Pending
Begoniaceae Curated Dec-23
Boraginaceae (subtribe Amsinckiinae) Pending
Bruniaceae Curated Dec-23
Buxaceae Pending
Cabombaceae Partial Curation
Cactaceae Curated Nov-22
Calophyllaceae Curated Dec-23
Caprifoliaceae Pending
Caryophyllaceae Pending
Commelinaceae Pending
Corbichoniaceae Curated Dec-23
Cordiaceae Pending
Cyperaceae Curated WCVP11 for Dec 23
Didiereaceae Pending
Dioncophyllaceae Curated Dec-23
Dioscoreaceae Curated Jun-23
Dipterocarpaceae Curated Dec-23
Droseraceae Pending
Drosophyllaceae Curated Dec-23
Ebenaceae Continuous Curation Dec-23
Ericaceae Curated Dec-23
Fabaceae Curated Aug 2023 v.4 for Dec 23
Fagaceae Partial Curation Jun-23
Frankeniaceae Pending
Gesneriaceae Partial Curation Jun-23
Gisekiaceae Curated Dec-23
Haemodoraceae Pending
Halophytaceae Curated Dec-23
Haloragaceae Pending
Hanguanaceae Pending
Hypericum Pending
Irvingiaceae Curated Jun-22
Kewaceae Curated Dec-23
Limeaceae Pending
Lophiocarpaceae Curated Dec-23
Lowiaceae Curated Jun-23
Macarthuriaceae Curated Dec-23
Mayacaceae Partial Curation Dec-23
Melastomataceae Pending Dec-22
Meliaceae Pending
Microteaceae Curated Dec-23
Molluginaceae Pending
Montiaceae Pending
Musaceae Partial Curation Jun-23
Nepenthaceae Curated Dec-23
Nyctaginaceae Pending
Papaveraceae Tribe Papaverae Curated Dec-23
Penthoraceae Pending
Petiveriaceae Pending
Philydraceae Pending
Physenaceae Curated Dec-23
Phytolaccaceae Pending
Picramniaceae Curated Dec-23
Plumbaginaceae Pending
Poaceae Curated WCVP11 for Dec 23
Polygonaceae Pending
Pontederiaceae Partial Curation Dec-23
Portulacaceae Pending
Putranjivaceae Curated Dec-23
Quiinaceae Curated Dec-23
Rhabdodendraceae Pending
Sapindaceae subfamily: Hippocastanoideae Pending
Sapotaceae Curated WCVP 2.0 2019
Sarcobataceae Pending
Sarcolaenaceae Curated Jun-23
Simmondsiaceae Curated Dec-23
Solanceae Curated Dec-23
Sphaerosepalaceae Curated Jun-23
Stegnospermataceae Curated Dec-23
Styracaceae Curated Dec-22
Talinaceae Pending
Tamaricaceae Pending
Urticaceae Curated WCVP11 for Dec 23
Viburnaceae Pending
Zingiberaceae Curated Dec-23


All 232 Families updated to September 2023 version provided by Bryonames.


Family Status Last Update Or version
Cycadaceae Curated 2019
Zamiaceae Curated 2019
Araucariaceae Curated Apr-23
Cupressaceae Curated Apr-23
Ginkgoaceae Curated Mar-23
Pinaceae Curated Apr-23
Podocarpaceae Curated Apr-23
Sciadopityaceae Curated Apr-23
Taxaceae Curated Apr-23
Cephalotaxaceae Curated Apr-23