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Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines

Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines (CDFP; Pelser et al. 2011 onwards;) is a digital checklist of Philippine vascular plants that aims to present a continuously updated account of all native and naturalized species of vascular plants in the Philippines with diagnostic photographs for each taxon. This illustrated checklist is a continuation of the works of Elmer D. Merrill (1876-1956) and Leonardo L. Co (1953-2010), authorities on the Philippine vascular Flora. The CDFP website is composed of separate pages for pterophytes and lycophytes (pteridophytes), and gymnosperms, and one page each for the angiosperm families. Species-rich families such as the Fabaceae and Orchidaceae, however, occupy three pages each. For a growing number of species, in-situ photos are available to put ‘faces’ to the plants in the checklist, to show diagnostic characters and to display intra-specific morphological diversity. Additional pages provide background information and include a biography of Leonardo Co, an overview of Philippine biogeography, and an account of the history of botanical exploration in the Philippines.