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  Acer morifolium © Dan Crowley
Acer morifolium © Dan Crowley

Sapindaceae - (Subfamily Hippocastanoideae) Global Conservation Consortium for Acer

Administers: Sapindaceae subfamily: Hippocastanoideae

Primary TENs contact: Dan Crowley

This Taxonomic Expert Network is being coordinated by the Global Conservation Consortium for Acer, working in collaboration with the Maple Society. 


  • Anthony. S. Aiello (Longwood Gardens) – Acer
  • Piotr Banaszczak (Rogow Arboretum) — Acer
  • Koen Camelbeke (Arboretum Wespelaar) – Acer
  • Dan Crowley (BGCI) – Acer; Dipteronia; Handeliodendron
  • Alan Elliott (RBGE) – Dipteronia; Handeliodendron
  • AJ Harris (South China Botanical Garden) – Aesculus; Acer; Billia
  • Douglas Justice (University of British Columbia Botanical Garden) – Acer
<p><em>Acer</em> <em>pycnanthum</em>.</p>
Acer pycnanthum. © Dan Crowley